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Sexual Assault Services for Holistic Healing and

National Sexual Assault Hotline - 1.800.656.HOPE


State of Sasha
Center Letter

SASHA Center-Sexual Assault Services for Holistic Healing and Awareness has been in existence since June 1, 2010 and will continue to offer culturally specific sexual assault support group services and community and organizational training/outreach and education in the African American community and beyond. Click here to view entire letter


SASHA CENTER will coordinate support
groups based upon need and requests.
Please call in advance to sign up for

SASHA CENTER is currently in need of
volunteers and donations.

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To help support the mission of SASHA Center, we invite you to make a financial contribution or donate needed goods or services.

Contact Us

Phone: 1-888-865-7055
E-mail: info@sashacenter.org


National Sexual Assault Hotline
1-800-656-HOPE (4673)


Support Group Program

The SASHA CENTER support group program has four components which are outlined below. Each support group series will be lead and facilitated by a Licensed Clinical Master Level Social Worker and/or co-facilitated by a trained survivor of sexual assault. Survivors can contact the agency for consideration to participate in groups and the Center will also take referrals from courts, schools, agencies, organizations, police, private practitioners, and community members.


Support Groups

SASHA S.O.A.R. (Survivors Overcoming Assault and Rape)

This six-eight week group is for individuals who have not had the opportunity to discuss in a structured format the sexual assault/incest/rape that has occurred in her life. The assault could have happened recently or many years ago. SASHA SOAR is a group that will allow you to begin the process of healing. It is also recommended that you start and complete the full six-eight weeks with this group before participating in the other groups we provide. This group is for managing the beginning stages of healing after a sexual assault. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

SASHA POETRY (Poems of Empowerment To Recognize You)

This six-eight week group is for individuals who have had some counseling and healing work around sexual assault (a release of information must be provided). This includes having participated in SASHA SOAR. This group will guide participants through the healing process via writing and journaling. The goal of this group is to create a Survivor’s Chap book with writings directly related to the sexual assaults that occurred for each group member. Poets, authors, professors and other journal writers will co-facilitate during group sessions to assist participants and provide writing exercises. At the end of this six-eight week group participants will host a reading and use the end product to help raise funds for SASHA Center programming. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion and a copy of the Chap book.

SASHA SPIRIT (Spiritual Power In Restoring “IT”)

This six-eight week group is for individuals who want to explore non-traditional ways of healing. Reiki, meditation, aroma therapy, gardening, imagery, chanting, self-defense methods and yoga will be introduced to participants to engage in for the purpose of healing from sexual assault. Well-being topics will be addressed by practitioners who are experts in their field and the group will be co-facilitated by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

(Shout Out Loud and Declare! Infantry-wo/men Ending Rape Silence!)

This six-eight week group is for individuals that have been sexually assaulted in the military. If you would like to join a group of people who have had this same experience and need someone to discuss this issue with, this group is for you. There are many power and control dynamics that play out in the military; and we acknowledge that this culture of extreme power has supported and fueled the culture of rape in the military. Sexual assault is a crime that will impact the survivor negatively in many ways, including suffering from symptoms related to post traumatic stress as well as physical symptoms and somatic complaints. It is also very difficult for some to actually seek help from the same institution that was for whatever reason unable to keep the rape survivor/victim safe in the first place. Also what makes our military groups special is that we are also concentrating on survivors from the African American community and also looking at how previous sexual assaults (before joining the military) can also be a risk factor for service women and men.